Sara Renar. Photo: Matković & Vild (left); Kiki. Photo: Lila Žervanov (right). Sara Renar. Photo: Matković & Vild (left); Kiki. Photo: Lila Žervanov (right).
14. 10.–15. 10., 20.00–0.00

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Sara Renar creates her unique brand of experimental indie pop that knows no bounds, woven together by electronic sounds, subtle melodies, and her distinctive vocals. She has released five albums, her most recent being Šuti i pjevaj (Shut Up and Sing, 2021) which was, not coincidentally, released on International Women’s Day. The seasoned singer-songwriter from Zagreb has played more than 250 concerts across Europe. She has also performed in Ljubljana, where she will return with new song arrangements from her vast and diverse repertory.

Music video Hana je već dugo budna.

The concert will begin with Kiki, an up-and-coming Slovenian music artist who takes her audience into a mysterious and occasionally dark world of stories set to music at the intersection between pop and folk. In addition to her well-known songs Punčka iz papirja (Paper Girl) and Jaz pa ne spim (But I'm Not Sleeping), she will play new material from her upcoming debut album.

Music video Jaz pa ne spim.

Co-production: City of Women, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture; support: Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana.

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