Naeem Mohaiemen is an artist and Associate Professor of Visual Arts at Columbia University, New York. He combines films, photography, and drawings to research the many forms of utopia-dystopia (families, borders, architecture, and uprisings) – starting with Bangladesh’s two postcolonial markers (1947 and 1971) and then radiating outward to transnational alliances and collisions in the Muslim world after 1945. Despite its historic tendency toward the misrecognition of allies, the hope for a future international left, as an alternative to the current silos of race and religion, is the basis for the work. His three-channel film Two Meetings and a Funeral (2017) tells an alternate history of the Non-Aligned Movement through the lens of the collision with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in the 1973–1974 period. In former Yugoslavia, his work has been shown in Zagreb, Rijeka and Ljubljana.


Exhibition opening with performative lecture
6. 10.   17.00 – 18.00
Exhibition opening
6. 10.   18.30 – 19.30
Festival opening with the Minister of Culture and exhibition opening
6. 10.   20.00 – 22.00