Monkey Business workshop. Photo: Doplgenger. Monkey Business workshop. Photo: Doplgenger.
Three-Day Found Footage Workshop
7. 10.–9. 10., 15.30–18.00

2022, 15+

In English
Free admission

7. 10., 15.30–18.00: Introduction

8. 10., 10.00–13.00 & 15.00–18.00: Work

9. 10., 10.00–13.00 & 15.00–18.00: Work

Animals were an integral part of colonial projects; an essential tool for imperial agro-expansionism. Across time and space, colonists used animals to conquer territories and control ecosystems and their (non)human inhabitants. Animals and their “products” – in particular milk, leather, fur, bone, wool, and silk – were and remain constitutive of both national identity and imperial power.

The found-footage workshop by artist duo Doplgenger will shed light on the colonial relationship between humans and animals by studying classic Hollywood movies. Introducing the found-footage as a sub-genre, the workshop will focus on the methods of experimental filmmaking and image appropriation.

The workshop is also part of the 7th Kinotrip International Film Festival – By the Youth, For the Youth.

Each participant has to bring a laptop, equipped with software for digital editing, and needs to know the basics about digital editing. The viewing of films, sent by Doplgenger, and work with them are required before the start of the workshop. Apply 12 to 22 September at

Organisation: City of Women as part of the European project BE PART co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, in co-operation with Kinodvor; support: Creative Europe, Ministry of Public Administration, Municipality of Ljubljana.


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Video: Tina Šulc