An Indian in a Box. Photo: artist's archive. An Indian in a Box. Photo: artist's archive.
6. 10., 19.30–21.00

George Chakravarthi
2021, 180′

Free admission

An Indian in a Box is a durational performance and live installation addressing the issues of enslavement, voyeurism, fetishization and isolation as experienced by the victims of Human Zoos, also known as Ethnological Expositions. This shameful practice endured in the colonial era, continued into the 1950s and, in some countries across Europe, as late as the 1990s. Captured and confined in a museum cabinet and bound in European garments, George Chakravarthi presents himself as a living object of curiosity and an exoticized creature.

On view from 18.00 to 21.00.

Concept and performance: George Chakravarthi; production: City of Women in co-operation with City Art Gallery Ljubljana; support: Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana.

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