Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulovic* is an artist, researcher and writer. She* studies and works in the field of contemporary art, art history, cultural studies and critical theory. She is interested in queerness, the manifestations of global capital, coloniality and the East, forms of escape, early psychoanalysis as well as politics of memory and war. Ana Hoffner works with the media of video, photography, installation and performance. She* employs the means of appropriation such as restaging photographs, interviews and reports, and searches for ways to desynchronise the normative belongings of the body and voice, sound and image. She* explicitly challenges the current domination of corporate aesthetics, the images of disgust and horror and the right-winged establishment, insisting on analysis, contextualisation and reflection. Ana Hoffner seeks to introduce temporalities, relations and spaces in between iconic images and highly performative events of our totalising contemporaneity.

*A nonbinary person on the crossroads of those born in 1980 in Paraćin (Yugoslavia), who were moved in 1989, and received capitalist citizenship (Austria) with a new name in 2002.


Exhibition opening with performative lecture
6. 10.   17.00 – 18.00
Exhibition opening
6. 10.   18.30 – 19.30
Festival opening with the Minister of Culture and exhibition opening
6. 10.   20.00 – 22.00